Saving Grace Jewelry

Click on the Etsy Photo at the bottom of the page to see my online store.
Saving Grace is a product you can feel good about purchasing. When it was laid on my heart to create this jewelry line I wanted everything to come full circle. I wanted to help create jobs all over the world so that way different communities would be less likely to look for other ways of a income. Poverty is one of the main causes of trafficking. People look for ways to support their families and end up looking in all the wrong areas, or end up getting trapped by false promises.
I purchase my beads through non-profits that make sure the people and towns they work with are being paid fair and are in good working conditions.


1.Trade carried on legally.
2.Trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries.

Every Purchase Matters.

Every Purchase Matters.

With each purchase I send you some facts to share. I want this to be a statement piece all around. Creating a easy action step that you will want to share not only Saving Grace’s story but bring awareness.

Fair-Trade Jewelry from Peru purchased through the non-profit Not For Sale.
Click on the Etsy Photo at the bottom of my page to see my online store.

2 thoughts on “Saving Grace Jewelry

  1. Do you partner with groups on consignment? Our church mission group hosts a Gift Fair each fall and would love to have some of your products. Deb Dressler

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