Did You Know?


  • 500 girls are trafficked in Atlanta every year
  • the average girl that is exploited is 14
  • 100-150 girls are forced each month for profit
  • the average number of years for a girl to be killed or die after entering the trade is 7
  • It is estimated that a runaway girl will be approached by a pimp within the first 48 hours of being out on the streets.

These are just some of the facts that I could not ignore after hearing. This company came together through lots of prayer and God’s divine timing. After going to the Passion conference together and hearing all of the horrible things that go on around the world I really felt helpless. I went home and let it soak in for about a month, just praying and asking God how I could make a change in our world. No longer could I sit back and ignore the facts. This was happening in my town, and in yours. So finally God spoke and I listened.  After brainstorming , my baby, Saving Grace was born. I really feel like we are supposed to bring awareness and plug people into the different organizations working to eliminate modern day slavery. I am in the process of making our jewelry line fair trade. I want to be able to have something people can wear, and share the back story behind the jewelry. Being able to feel good about your purchase is what is important to me. He has broken our hearts for these people and we just want to be a part of the solution. Please follow me on Facebook @savinggrace28

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