Fair-trade and sports?

I say why not?

In the beginning of Saving Grace I created stretchy bracelet using paper beads from Africa. They were really popular and people loved sending in their pictures at their favorite sporting event wearing the jewelry. Saving Grace had begun to evolve and I had put it on the back burner. This Christmas every one kept messaging for special orders and asking why wasn’t I doing them. So back by popular demand there is now a custom order for sports fair-trade jewelry. I love doing custom orders and making a fair-trade piece you will love. Here is an example from Christmas that I just love. I am not an Ohio fan (War Eagle) but this bracelet turned out great and I was able to find buckeye beads that she ended up pairing it with that made it perfect. So bring on your favorite baseball, football, basketball, and any other sports team you would like to represent proudly. I look forward to creating you one of kind piece for you.

Below are the listing for the bracelet only


Below is the listing for the set which includes bracelet, earrings, and necklace.









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