Guest Blog – Amy Maliskas

Introduction- Most of you know that my heart for fundraising to help people reach their mission and adoption goals. I wanted to introduce you to this sweet couple who I have just started fundraising for this month. I asked her to share he heart for adopting and her walk with God towards this decision. I know you will fall in love with her as much as I have learning about her.

Hello all!

My name is Amy.

I am a blogger at

Feel free to hop on over and learn all about our adoption!

Adoption is what has brought me here to you today.

I am so excited that Amy S. has invited me to share my heart with you on our journey of adoption.

What an amazingly beautiful, yet stretching thing it is!

My husband Andy and I have talked about adoption since we were dating.

I am so thankful the Lord brought me a husband that shares my heart for adoption.

Let me just say I am a HUGE planner. My hubs always tells people I make a plan to plan.

With that in mind, I’d like to welcome you to our adoption story (believe it or not the brief version) and share with your how the Lord is working in our lives through adoption. I apologize if you are not a reader, but there are so many aspects of the Lords touch woven in and out of it that I have to share.

After Andy and I got married we knew we wanted to adopt one day. We just were not sure if this would occur before or after biological children. After three years of being married we decided we were ready to start a family (as if anyone is actually really ready ) After a few months of trying to get pregnant and several blood tests later we were encouraged to get on a fertility drug because my body was not ovulating on its own. Immediately Andy and I knew that this was not what we wanted to pursue and instead began the process of adoption. The Lord spoke such peace into our souls. We learned the ends and outs of adoption and held our first fundraising event (a huge garage sale). Three days later I went to the doctor to have a physical for the adoption. A few minutes after returning home I got a phone call that changed everything. The nurse on the other line called to question me on why I was having an adoption physical. A little irritated I again explained our hearts for adoption. She then chuckled and said, “Well I was just calling to let you know you’re pregnant.” What?! I assured the nice nurse she had made a mistake and undoubtedly somehow switched my pregnancy test with another patients. To my surprise she responded that they would be happy to have me come back to the office and see for myself. After quite a few tears and a few pregnancy tests later it began to sink in that I really was pregnant.

Along with the excitement came confusion. I was so confused at why the Lord had given us such a desire to adopt and a peace about it as well. After a few weeks we talked with our adoption agency and decided to postpone our adoption and put a freeze on our account. In the coming months the Lord began to reveal his plan to me with greater clarity. You see – I am stubborn. When I get an idea in my head I run with it full speed ahead. The whole time we were in the process of adopting (the 1st time) I was going crazy trying to fill out every form the day we got it and was trying to take complete control of it all. The Lord used my pregnancy to teach me how to let go. I had an almost perfect pregnancy at first. I was one of the very rare pregnant women who had absolutely zero morning sickness. (I know don’t hate me ) It was such an easy pregnancy…. until I hit 35 weeks. It was then that I found out I had a rare pregnancy condition called Cholestasis – an issue with the liver. It caused me to itch imbareably from the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes. This condition has a greater chance of stillbirth after 38 weeks. Because of this I was set to be induced on May 25th at 37 weeks and some days. I had to be monitored twice a week to ensure the safety of our baby boy. I was monitored on a Friday afternoon and was supposed to come back on Monday (memorial day) to be monitored one last time before being induced two days later. On Sunday, I received a call at church from my Obgyn. I thought it was a little strange so I answered and it was my doctor (who is amazing by the way) calling to tell me she just had a funny feeling (prompting by the Lord) and she wanted me to go to the hospital to be monitored that day instead of waiting until Monday. So after lunch my husband and I went to be monitored. Upon arriving and starting the monitoring process everything quickly changed. Although I felt pretty good the doctor on call came in and told me we weren’t going anywhere. He explained I had become toxic and my blood pressure was at stroke level (I have low blood pressure 120/70 and it was at 176/141). They immediately admitted me and began pumping magnesium in me to bring my blood pressure back down. The next day Monday May 23, 2012 I was induced and welcomed our perfectly healthy baby boy (Judah David) into the world. Within 24 hours I would learn that the magnesium was beginning to be absorbed into my blood stream and my body was overdosing myself from the magnesium. I won’t go into details, but it was another instance that the Lord was watching over me with great care.

I give you that story because it plays such a huge role in our adoption story. From the moment all of that took place Andy and I knew that we would meet our next son or daughter through adoption.

We feel the Lord allowed those events to happen to help me to let go and trust him. To me saying lets get pregnant and have a baby is easy and choosing adoption is stretching. Raising thousands and thousands and thousands (I could keep going) of dollars for the adoption is entirely overwhelming. Lets get real – our adoption costs more than what I make in an entire year. But the Lord knew I was stubborn and he allowed those terrifying moments in my pregnancy to help me let go and fully embrace adoption. He is continuing to guide us through this process. He has taught me this adoption is not mine to control and has so very little to do with me. He has granted us peace as we wait patiently for the family of our son or daughter to choose us. To trust him that the funds will be raised. (All funds must be raised by placement or we are denied our placement) To trust that a family will indeed choose us in the Lord’s most perfect timing. It is so much more than just gaining a son or daughter for us. Andy and I live in a city with intense racial tension and division. We purposefully and prayerfully chose an unspecified race (meaning we will adopt Tran racially). We pray that we can do our part in uniting the racial segregation in our city through this. We pray that we may be a public display of the love of Christ and how he has adopted us as his own. He chose us and calls us his. The kingdom of the Lord is not of one race, but of every race. The Lord has used Judah’s life and the journey of parenthood to teach us how to better minister to the birth parents. Before Judah I would have failed at this miserably. I am sure I still will, but now I have such a heart for my new son or daughters birth mom. I understand that bond that only she and my child will have formed through pregnancy. I know the kicks and movements she has felt and how heart wrenching it must be for her to sacrifice raising her child to provide a life for her child that she was unable to give. I didn’t understand that before, but I am thankful I do now. I have such a heart for adoption and for how the Lord is going to use our son or daughter but I know I have rambled far too much as it is.

Thank you for reading and I encourage you to join the journey with us and keep up to date with our blog. I am thankful Amy has opened her etsy shop to raise funds towards our adoption. I love her heart for missions and others! I know the Lord is going to use this adoption in great ways.

May you feel the Lords blessings upon you! Much love Amy

If this blog has tugged on your heart and you would like to help her raise funds, head on over to my etsy shop and enter code MALISKAS at check out.


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