Redemption in Christ


If you knew your scar could save
Would you tell someone you deepest darkest secret to save someone?
I have written on this topic a little before but i feel we need a reminder every so often as Christians.
So here we are again….
I always cringe when people say “Everything happens for a reason” BUT news flash it totally does!! I feel like today I started to feel self conscious about my past and how people will look at me if they only knew me ten years ago. Would they like me? No. would they have been friends with me? Defiantly not. Thank goodness for restoration!! I was reminded tonight after getting on to my 4 year old for disobeying that it was such an example of God love for us. Not matter how upset i was getting she would ask forgiveness and all it was okay again. It reminded me also that my example of being a Christian will lead her for years to come and my hiccups in life are not to be brought on her. As I lay beside her bed as she slept and prayed over her and her future it reminded me it’s going to be okay. In life we are going to fall but we get back up and as a mother and a Christian I’m going to share my deepest darkest secrets with her to show her Gods love for us.