India – From Rich To Poor

From rich to poor
As we made our way to India we were so excited that the flight had a half way point because if not it would have been 18 straight on a plane. The half way point was Paris! We were so excited to have a coffee and pastry yummy!!

Then as we were walking to our terminal I was overwhelmed with the amount of High end stores. Chanel, Rolex, Coach, Miu Miu and the list goes on.

It was really exciting for about five minutes then it hit me…guilt. How could I be so excited about the richness when we were about to be with the poorest of the poor. As I started processing this it became very real to me why God had laid it on my heart. His heart is for the poor and we must keep him and his focus with us as all times. We sometimes get side tracked by the glitz and the glamour and miss what God is using us to do on this earth. Satan sole job is to distract us from our mission of bringing the gospel. If we fall to his plans we loose the blessing God have for us.


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