Simple Action Step

I am excited to share with you an opportunity to help ladies who has been rescued from sex trafficking. Thirty-One Gift’s monthly special right now is spend $35 and get the Pro Duffle for $25. My friend Jessica Smith is asking that when you spend $35 in gifts for yourself, a special mother or a teacher that you also purchase the Pro Duffle to be donated to Solomon House, a wonderful home where ladies who have been rescued out of sex trafficking can live while they wait to be placed in a treatment center. Each lady is given a bag full of necessities when she arrives at the home and the Pro Duffle is the perfect bag to hold everything! Often the ladies come to this house with nothing but the clothes on their back so to receive this bag means a lot to them. If you would like you can even fill your bag with all of the needed necessities yourself and write a personal note of love and encouragement to the girl who will be receiving the bag. There is a list of required items to put in the bag, it will be sent to you when you order the bag. You can place your order through Jessica’s site Thank you!

Thank You From Saving Grace

I’m so happy to share with you that this is the 1 year anniversary of Saving Grace!!!

It has been a unreal experience that has evolved into something even more than I could have even dreamed. God has truly blessed me and others by this jewelry company. I can’t say thank you enough to my supporters through out this year! I have made some amazing contacts all over the world, that I am thankful for every day. I pinch myself with how many people I have met that I now call my friends. I wanted to share with you some things that i couldn’t do with out your purchases. As most of you know I just went on a mission trip to India. I pulled out all that I had in the bank hoping to purchase beads and other supplies in India.
God had other plans, too:)
I was able to purchase beads at the laundry in mumbai and a market in Miraj. Not as much as I was hoping but I’m so grateful to have gotten anything at all. I can’t wait to show you what I was able to get.

That very day I purchased beads we had dinner with Pastor Timothy we were there to help. We asked a bunch of questions because we wanted to see what his greatest needs are to hopefully walk along side him an help him anyways that we can. There are many immediate and king term needs that he has( I will be sharing more later). Together The Mercy Project was able to put together funds to pay for the girls in the red light district books. This will help them for one year further their education and keep then out of prostitution. So exciting!! Pastor Timothy also has some other needs and I struggled with what amount to give him. Give it all!! Is all that kept coming to me. God provided me a way to be there to help anyway I could and this could be a little piece to help further his ministry. I set aside a few dollars for dinner and gave it all.

I was so nervous to do this because I felt beyond vulnerable and broke lol. My selfish thought was what was I going to do when I get home but I needed to trust God. So I did and I’m happy to say when I came home I was flooded with orders waiting, that totaled close to the amount I gave to Timothy!!!!! God is awesome!! YOU helped me give to a family that is fighting on the front lines in India against Trafficking. I can tell you first hand that our American dollars go along way over there and I can’t wait to see what you helped do. Wether its feeding his family, purchasing vitamins for the kids, or chickens for more protein for the kids(most HIV +). You help do that!!
So again I say THANK YOU!!!!!!
I can’t wait to blog more about my trip to India and more things about this past year that you were able to help with.
Saving Grace


India – From Rich To Poor

From rich to poor
As we made our way to India we were so excited that the flight had a half way point because if not it would have been 18 straight on a plane. The half way point was Paris! We were so excited to have a coffee and pastry yummy!!

Then as we were walking to our terminal I was overwhelmed with the amount of High end stores. Chanel, Rolex, Coach, Miu Miu and the list goes on.

It was really exciting for about five minutes then it hit me…guilt. How could I be so excited about the richness when we were about to be with the poorest of the poor. As I started processing this it became very real to me why God had laid it on my heart. His heart is for the poor and we must keep him and his focus with us as all times. We sometimes get side tracked by the glitz and the glamour and miss what God is using us to do on this earth. Satan sole job is to distract us from our mission of bringing the gospel. If we fall to his plans we loose the blessing God have for us.


Relinquish Control and Trust Him

Sleeplessness in prayer
As I lie awake less than 30 hours Before board a plane to India I’m going over many things in my head. My planning and stresses sometimes keep me awake at night. If you know me you, you know I am most creative when I can’t sleep. I find new ideas for jewelry, change a whole website, and network till the sun comes up. This time it’s different it’s preparing my whole family to be without me for ten days, during my mission trip. I have been making list and more lists of medicine instructions to love notes for my kids and husband. Then it hit me at 2 am and 12 hours into a migraine “HELLO”!! I’m not in control! Duh! I love how i get this little wake up calls that everything is in Gods hands. The enemy will try and stop us I.e. stress and I got overwhelmed and lost site. What gets backed..gets backed..what list I make may or may not determine any kind of outcome but I have to trust God that whatever happens is his will not mine own. God loves us unconditionally and doesn’t want us to fail he wants us to glorify him and relinquishing that control. Now at 5am I can rest and know it will be okay. Remember wether its a mission trip or a life season God is in control. People won’t remember what color decorations you use or how many hours you put in at the office they remember how you loved them. Just as Christ loves us we should share his love and the rest will fall into place.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3 NIV)