Live Free


Learning to be vulnerable

When I learned about trafficking I felt a connection with these girls that I couldn’t place for a long time. It took me a while to realize that it was my testimony that was the reason why I connected with them. I lived briefly in a time of darkness growing up and made choices that altered who I am now. I blocked out a lot of stuff that I am now reliving as I hear stories from these precious girls. I’m am learning that being vulnerable is what allows me to have access to those who need to hear about Jesus. I lived closed off and guarded so that way I could protect my choices so no one ever knew. There was a moment 8 months ago when someone was sharing their story and I started to shake because I could see myself as her. I all the sudden blurted out about my life and never felt so free. I have since been more open and found that my friends love me despite my mistakes. They love me because God loved us first and they were showing me his love and acceptance. I now take this lesson along with me when we’re doing the poster campaign and run into girls that need to know that God loves them and forgives and there is a life outside of the streets. I love them because God loves them and he loves me. So live free of shame because our testimony not only helps us be free but it will help someone else be free too.

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