Our “Rose”

Expect the unexpected
Saturday was our monthly poster campaign and it was defiantly eye opening for what is going on right down the street.
We joined forces with Not For Sale as we put poster with Polaris 888# up around Marietta. Our goal is to reach people in our city who are being trafficked. As we set out we took two different teams in different areas. It was pretty much the same as we always encounter some places say yes and some saying no. We only had 5 posters left and were going to make one last stop but it was going to have to be entered through another back street which meant I was going to have to do a u-turn in crazy sat. traffic. While trying to do so I entered a hotel parking lot and we just decided to go in since we were there….and there she was we will call her “Rose”.
A lady who needed to hear how much God loved her and that fate was really Gods timing. She was hungry , tired, and in need of a ear to listen. So the 5 of us took her to lunch. We listen to her share stories of all through her life where God had showed up to rescue her from the darkest of times. It was inspiring to hear a God that was loving and just. While we were eating she asked us why we were at the hotel to begin with… we all just smiled and said it was for her. She ended up not wanting a out but just to be loved on. Some would call it a failure or get frustrated and I’m not going to lie it was hard to drive away. I just know that we planted a seed. That seed will one day lead to her rescue and excepting Jesus. I hope to see that one day but for now I’m okay with just showing her Jesus.


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