New Season

News for the New Year
Saving Grace has some amazing new things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you.
First things first is, if you went to the Passion conference and were completely changed like I was you will be even more excited for what’s coming up. I’ll share a little secret with you, a lot of my ideas come to me during worship. The conference was a huge eye opener for me and the direction God wants me to take Saving Grace. The idea of metal stamping from the beginning was a conversational tool to allow you to share and bring awareness of modern day slavery. It has definitely been evolving into finding fair-trade options such as the beads from India and Africa. This allows you “the consumer” the opportunity to help people support their families in other countries on the prevention side of trafficking. I am now bringing it back full circle and I’m creating more pieces to help share the gospel with others. I am going to be doing different collections depending on where I feel like God is leading me. The pieces will have a theme and the first one I’m so excited to share with you is called “Be The Light”. During the conference God kept telling me that over and over, and on the third night when we brought all 60,000 students out to the courtyard to shine a light miles into the air, it was 60,000 tiny light bulbs making one huge light. To me i believe it was showing how together if we all do small things, like ending slavery, we’re all making one Big change.

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